The Modaplex POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit is a PCR-based multiplex assay that detects and differentiates relevant exonuclease domain mutations (EDMs) in the polymerase epsilon and polymerase delta-1 subunits. The kit contains all reagents necessary for the rapid and sensitive detection of 17 POLE EDMs and 3 POLD1 EDMs.

In combination with MSI status, information on POLE/POLD1 mutations could provide valuable therapy decisions for patients with MSS phenotypes in colorectal and endometrial tumors.

The Modaplex POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit is intended for research use only and not for diagnostic use.

Product Specification


POLE: T278M, P286S, P286L, P286H, P286R, S297A, S297F, F367S, V411L (G>C), V411L (G>T), H422N, L424V, P436R, M444K, A456P, S459F, A465VPOLD1: D316N, C319Y, S478N


POLD1: D316N, C319Y, S478N

Kit ContentPrimer Mix, Modaplex Buffer 3, Modaplex Enhancer 50, Polymerase T, Controls, and Nuclease-free Water
Kit Size50 rxn
Sample Material

Verified with:  artificial sample material spiked into the FFPE (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded) background

Tested with:    FFPE Endometrial and Colorectal Cancer

DNA Input

Input range:  2 – 8ng

Optimum:    4ng

Result InterpretationWith Biotype Innovation’s Moda-RA software


The Modaplex POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit is designed for use with the Modaplex platform. This multiplex PCR bench-top system combines qPCR with capillary electrophoresis (CE) in an automated process. All data is processed in just 4 hours, and the results can be interpreted intuitively using Biotype Innovation’s Modaplex Result Analyzer (Moda-RA) software.



A universal PCR amplification profile allows for the simultaneous performance of various assay types such as fragment analysis, mutational analysis, gene expression, miRNA, among many others. Thus, polymerase epsilon/ polymerase delta-1 mutation detection and MSI fragment analysis can be performed in a single run. For all tests, the Modaplex workflow comprises the same three steps, PCR set up, Modaplex run and result interpretation, which are completed in less than 5 hours.

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Product:Modaplex POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit
Cat. no.:BTI-C003-C1-2-0050

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