March 30,


Biotype Innovation presents Modaplex technology at qPCR, dPCR & NGS Symposium

Hellerau, March 30th 2017. Biotype Innovation GmbH is set to present its latest technology at the upcoming 8th international Gene Quantification Event in Freising, Germany, close to Munich. From April 3–7, 2017, the qPCR, dPCR & NGS Event will bring together more than 500 participants from across the world. The participants will join the symposium, participate in numerous workshops, and attend exhibitions on quantitative RT-PCR, Big Data Analysis and Next Generation Sequencing. Biotype Innovation will participate in the exhibition “Liquid Biopsy, Integrative Big Data Analysis, Biomarker Signature … and beyond“ with a poster entitled “Modaplex, a novel technology for the multiplex analyses of CpG and miRNA signatures in a single qPCR run”.

The young biotechnology company is presenting a poster (PO 31) on the Modaplex instrument, and its capability of analyzing multiple methylation sites and miRNA expressions in a single qPCR run. This multimodal and multiplex technology is relevant to many areas of molecular testing, as the instrument can analyze various molecular alterations simultaneously. In the field of precision medicine, the Modaplex technology represents an especially promising method for future multi-analyte applications.

The staff of Biotype Innovation would be delighted to answer any questions relating to the Modaplex technology and its field of application during the international symposium.

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